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Re: Left Frontier almost a year ago

That's great, good for you, at least you have options...most of these areas being served with UPGRADED service have spotty at best 3G/4G coverage and Verizon DEFINITELY had NO plans of even doing anything remotely as close as this.

At least Frontier is DOING something in these areas, it's not like they have to, they don't have ANY competition.

Where would the incentive be to spend $$ on upgrading infrastructure/backbone to support more speeds if they weren't being pushed by the competition? Granted the only push now would be by the eventual deployment of better wireless coverage, but those options are STILL CAPPED!


I totally agree with you. DSL isn't a competition to cable or cell coverage in performance, it's a competition to them in price. One of my relatives is still on dial-up. Their choices include cable, some form of cell hotspot, or satellite. Out of those options the cheapest is around $40 a month. For someone who occasionally reads the news and checks their e-mail once a week on the computer, it's pretty hard to justify spending that much for internet. If they could get DSL I would have them on a 768k plan for around $15 - $20 a month. It would completely blow their current service out of the water and not really cost much more.