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Frontier Premium High Speed DSL -- NW Indiana

Without notice, about six months ago Frontier began tacking on a surcharge to a locked-in fee contract for its so-called premium high speed DSL, 3 to 5 Mbps service in NW Indiana, part of the old Verizon network. Funny thing, though, the fastest non-Frontier DSL test speed has been 2.8 Mbps download, 0.788 Mbps upload. I have mentioned this to Frontier and it says I am receiving the 3 to 5 Mbps service. In other words, tough, we say we are providing you with our 3 to 5 Mbps service, OUR tests show you are getting 3.3 Mbps, and we are charging you extra for that service, so all of those other benchmark tests are irrelevant and just plain lying.

A number of times service has slowed to less than 1 Mbps, although uplink speed remained at 0.65+ Mbps.

Frontier apparently has no local backup for its Portage, Indiana, server. I have experienced a number of local, non-weather related outages at say, 0230, that have lasted until about 0530, perhaps the time its tech people are arriving at work and reviewing status reports in the Eastern time zone. So its service is somewhat lacking.

On a plus side, when talking by phone, I can understand the USA-based tech help, whereas with Verizon, often I could not because of their heavy foreign accent and echoes. Also, the Frontier tech help tends to give more realistic and helpful status reports, such as following a local server channel failure.