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Let them use fibre

reply to taytong888

Re: Start Communications - new TPIA Rogers/Cogeco

said by taytong888:

Hello rocca,

I got a few questions about upload rate:

1. What is the minimum upload rate that is good for VOIP applications?

Technically, 64Kbps will work. Realistically, you should have a minimum of 128 or 256Kbps on the upstream, in case you have other traffic running at the same time.

said by taytong888:

Is 512 kbps good? I am subscribing to Start's standard cable, i.e. 18 Mbps down and 512 kbps up. Not sure if this is good enough for VOIP. I forgot the link to a web page that test VOIP quality, e.g. jitter.

512Kbps is plenty, however, you will still probably want to configure some sort of QoS on your router to give VoIP preference on your network.

www.pingtest.net works for me, but you can run all sorts of tests. Just don't take the results of a single test and expect those to be absolute. There are a lot of reasons why a single test or site isn't giving you the entire picture.

said by taytong888:

2. How come Cogeco gives a higher upload rate than the Red Barron?

Rogers is still trying to figure out their channels and is in the midst of releasing higher upload speeds.

said by taytong888:

Thanks in advance for your reply!

Sorry, I'm not Rocca, but I hope this helps.