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Victoria, BC

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reply to apple4ever

Re: No Crapple!

said by apple4ever:

Haha people really believe this?

The cable industry is making it worse for themselves by NOT working with Apple.

It depends which side of the industry. How would it benefit the cableco's? If people move to online distribution it cuts them out of cable revenue and expedites cord cutting. The whole purpose of a cableco is to play the middleman between the channels and the customers (relay the signals). If people are getting that stuff via an applebox (or any other box) it cuts them out. Leaving them only to internet revenue.

On the flip side it could be beneficial to the cable channels as it would create another avenue of revenue. However it may not benefit them as much either. Carriage agreements are pretty complex. Media companies will sell their packages as a big bundle. Mix up popular stations with crappy ones and make the cableco (and thus the consumer) pay for more channels than they want. IE collecting carriage fees for channels most people wouldn't normally pay for.

I think its more complicated that you made it out to be.