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Fruitland, MD
reply to HELLFIRE

Re: [Config] Cisco ASA 5505

I do want the labs to be able to talk to one another, but just not use the IP space from the other labs. As with most users you can tell them until you are blue in the face of what sub-net and gateway to use but they still muck it up. I know what you are thinking, I can't stop the users from changing the IP address since it's a lab. To throw salt into the wound, management will not hold them accountable for anything. It is like the wild west at times working as a contractor for the government.

I guess the other thing I could do is buy an ASA5505 for each lab with the security pack. We are looking at three maybe four units. That way even if they try to use someone else IP space they can't!

Unless the lab is a separated network and "not sharing" the production network IP scheme, anything happen in the lab stays in the lab.

Buying additional firewalls won't stop a situation of overlapping IP scheme though