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UVerse - Keeps Dropping Connection

We had Uverse installed a little over a month ago. A few hours after the install guy left the problem started. All of the services would just drop, then come back a few minutes later. When I investigated the modem logs (its a 2Wire), I could see it dropping out every couple of hours and then coming back (I can post the exact log messages when I get home of needed). This issue has been going on intermittently now for weeks. When I say intermittently I mean that it may happen several times in one day, then not happen again for a couple of days, then several times again one day - rebooting the modem does not help).

I have a placed a couple of service calls since then and they have sent an "inside" guy out to look and and "outside" guy out to look (their terminology). Initially they said there was no issue, then there was a line issue, then no issue - but my modem is still losing its connection randomly. When it drops the phone, Internet, and TV go out. The service/broadband lights on the modem will go out when it happens and occasionally turn red.

I am about to open another chat support ticket with them. I was just wondering if anyone here could give me some advice as to what may be causing this? This is very frustrating. When the service is working it is top notch - but the inconsistency is maddening!

Here is the error I keep seeing from the modem:

INF 2012-09-06T12:58:42-05:00 sys dsl0: connection lost, reconnecting...
INF 2012-09-06T13:05:57-05:00 sys dnstest0: connection lost, reconnecting...
INF 2012-09-06T13:05:57-05:00 sys ipnet0: Up on bridge1 with
INF 2012-09-06T13:05:57-05:00 sys DNS up DNS1:, DNS2:

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There should be stats, such as "Signal to Noise Ratio", "Attenuation", and the like. And one of the RGs used by AT&T has a nifty graphing tool.

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It looks like you get it here:

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Thank you for the info Norman. I downloaded the software - you can see what I have above.

I'm certainly no expert but I think the # of retrains is a bit high?

Here is other info from the modem:

Internet Details
Broadband Link Type Built in modem - VDSL
Connection Type Direct IP (DHCP or Static)
Current Internet Connection
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway XX.XX.XXX.X
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
Host Name
MAC Address 74:9d:dc:07:a5:68
MTU 1500
DSL Details
Modem Type Built in modem - VDSL
Connection Type Dual

DSL Line Line 1
Down Up
User Rate 25213 kbs 2047 kbs
Max User Rate 28507 kbs 2968 kbs
Noise Margin 10.8 dB 9.0 dB
Attenuation 26.0 dB 22.1 dB
Output Power 13.4 dBm 7.7 dBm

Protocol G.993.2
Channel Interleaved
DSLAM Vendor Information Country {46336} Vendor {BDCM} Specific {56481 }
Rate Cap 25216 kbs
Attenuation @ 300kHz 18.1 dB
Uncanceled Echo 0.0 dB Ok
VCXO Frequency Offset 0.0 ppm Ok
Final Receive Gain 14.0 dB Ok
Excessive Impulse Noise 1 Interleaved mode recommended

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If you could, post the Bits Loading chart page as well

But from early analysis, you are barely in sync on only a single pair on what is supposed to be a pair bonded (2 VDSL2 pairs) iNID install, and that single pair does not have enough bandwidth for a stable connection


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Here's the other screen shot.

And I went outside and looked in the box - you're right - only one VDSL light green, the other is red.

I have a tech coming out in the morning. I will pass this information along to them.

Thank you for the replies.


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reply to aub1971
Wow that is one crappy line.

I'm about 99% certain the tech knew that line was trash before he left.

This is what happens when you time techs and pressure them to meet an arbitrary low install time.

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