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This is a sub-selection from Sure "Cord Cutting" is Real


reply to pnh102

Re: Sure "Cord Cutting" is Real

They've created an unsustainable model where new customers are never conditioned to pay their so-called market rates.

It's kind of like department stores, and nobody pays retail.

I'm not sure any business model has ever been successful in directly antagonizing their existing customers so much.

It really goes to the underwhelming competition we have, the competition Verizon could provide if it was slightly interested.

They're going to have change something and fast, or cord cutting is going to become the norm and not the exception.



I'm not sure cord cutting will become really popular for awhile.
As you said most people don't pay retail, I used to pay cable and directv off each other, then I switched to FiOS for a promotion and when that promotion is over I'll switch again or get FiOS to offer me a deal to stay (unlikely given their constant price hikes I know)

The thing about these promotional rates is as cord cutting becomes more and more of a threat you see two things, internet is the only thing that's price isn't slashed substantially and they'll give away TV and phone for $20 more, and they are introducing caps that make overages a real concern when cord cutting, both reduce the incentive to cut the cord.

What we really need is more broadband competition, and possibly full tv service options over the internet. Netflix works great, theirs no reason you couldn't have a guide and stream the show you want, or watch something that was on earlier in the day. The roadblock here is licenses, if apple is having a hard time doing it, everyone will.