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[MB] Moving Buisness Account

Hello all. I'm looking at moving into a friends place end of the month. They currently have phone cable and internet through Shaw Residential. I have Shaw Buisness with the free basic HD cable. What I was wanting to do was transfer my buisness account to the new address and they can quit there internet and cable and we just use mine. They would need to keep the phone. Question 1 is can we do this? Also how many TV's could we have hooked up? Would need 5. Living room, basement, there bedroom, my bedroom, and there kids room. Going to call Shaw after work but wanted to go into the conversation armed with some info before hand. Thx!

Calgary, AB

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The residental telephone would be on a seperate account, at the same address.

Cancel the internet and TV, transfer the digital terminals and email addresses into your account.

The multiple outlet/TV charge, I have no idea, residential had/has a 4 free limit, but both residental and business can pay for more.

I used to have a personal TV with internet, and a business internet with TV account.

Not a big deal.

Also, look at switching the phone to the business package too, if only to keep things simple... Phone basic is the same price, the Lite plans, business is slightly more. The unlimited Long Distance, business is slightly cheaper.

Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.