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Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS
reply to Os

Re: VZ Wants to Kill FiOS

said by Os:

This is just another step in that. Drive the price up, then claim no one was interested. It's wishful thinking on VZ's part to get out of a market they don't want to be in.

Meanwhile, have you heard about Verizon's 4G LTE network yet? You can package it with your Xfinity TV!

This is not entirely accurate.. Verizon is stuck with FTTP, what is not certain is what they will do with their remaining copper networks (and to a lesser extent, current build commitments). The BILLIONS of a warchest from the Bell Atlantic / GTE days are at least half spent (26 out of 50 billion dollars in cash). There's this segment of management that's had it bad for developing wireles and betting the farm on competing with AT&T in a duopoly-- and they've gotten their way.. for now. For a while I suspected that Verizon wanted to pay off Vodafone once and for all.. but now they've resigned to keep vodafone onboard probably indefinitely due to the fact that the FCC & DOJ is not going to just hand over all the goodies in terms of commoditization of wireline & wireless data... so that companies can feel free to gouge consumers. That means they'll need an investor to fall back upon if/when wireless cycles down in demand.

As ATT/Verizon jack up prices, this give smaller carriers every incentive to build their networks- largely because their business model still includes "unlimited style" plans & no overages. Nevertheless, the two big carriers are bulding in redundancy so even if they did have to compete at the unlimited model, they could do so easily.. and by the time they make all this money they currently are.. they'll have the deep pockets to win a pricing war too. Little do consumers seem to look at the big picture..

As for wireline? Raising prices will drive consumers away... but there is no profit in doing that... and I don't think it will give them a justification for usage based billing. Just about the only thing that would, is IF the evil empire Republicans take power..

If you thought corporate greed is obscene and out of control today....? Just give it 4 years of a republican administration & congress... The country will earn itself a new name.. and it's not a nice one..


Cleveland, OH
smaller carriers were TOLD to build their OWN networks YEARS ago but refused. And we see what that got Earthlink, COVAD, Speakeasy and see how far its getting companies like Sonic.net (half ass copper network via AT&T and VZ/who ever) and a partly done FTTH that will never fully reach their footprint due to $$$ they don't want to spend without getting investors or more bank notes on the company. DSLX is the same along with every other reseller.

And these companies will NOT be able to get into the wireless market unless they all band together to out buy the specturm they need, or team up with the MSOs and put in wifi access points on the lines and do SIP/VoIP cellular.

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San Jose, CA
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reply to tmc8080
said by tmc8080:

Just about the only thing that would, is IF the evil empire Republicans take power..

You made me look! But this isn't the 'Blue Room' after all.
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