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Beamsville, ON

3C16471 Baseline 10/100 switch

I managed to pick one of these things up at a used second hand store for less than $10 and I got my old computer connected to port 2 and the my router on port 1. This switch came with nothing at all (not even a power cord). Is there a web GUI to configure the switch at an IP address? Like to configure a D-link router you would go to but what would a 3com switch use? Also does anyone know what retail price this product sold for when it was in stores? I would guess maybe more than $500 since this can be mounted on a rack?


united kingd
I don't think this switch has any configuration interfaces.

If I've got the part numbers right then it's a 24-port 10/100 unmanaged switch dating from around 2002-2003. I think it does support prioritisation of traffic but does so automatically.
It's a trusty old workhorse of a switch but obviously getting on in years, probably got thrown out when an office upgraded to gigabit ethernet.

At this time, 3Com's switch product lineup went OfficeConnect (small form factor, mainly unmanaged) -> Baseline (rack-mount, mainly unmanaged) -> SuperStack (fully managed rack-mount)



Beamsville, ON
I managed to figure out it will only do 10/100 and I guess some models do 10/100/1000. I'm just glad it works so when I get an extra computer to fix I don't have to keep unplugging and plugging back in the CAT5 cords and wearing out the heads. Also I just hated setting up my old router and making it act like a switch by shutting down DHCP and changing the IP address so it doesn't conflict with my main router. Now I just plug it in and it's good to go. Actually the really funny part is once the unit starts to get warm the scent from the side vents smell like the local hardware store or Canadian Tire. LOL
But still there is no way I will ever use all 24 ports at the same time, mainly 3 at the max.

Here are some pictures of the unit.
»www.ebay.com/itm/3Com-SuperStack ··· 81240553


Beamsville, ON
I found the manual for this switch.
»bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/doc ··· 2721.pdf


San Marcos, CA
reply to robman50
List price was $325.

I still sell a bunch of those to an aging customer base.

$10 is a great price.
Most broker sites have them for about $40. I have customers still paying $150 for them but we give a 1 year warranty.


Beamsville, ON
said by skinsfanusa:

List price was $325.

I thought they where more