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a spy


[Modem] New modem, worse gaming ping.

My old 2wire gateway recently kicked the bucket, I've replaced it for the time being with a Netgear N300. Since I've had the new modem I'm constantly pinging 60-80 to Atlanta (the old modem held steady in the 20s.) I play competitive Team Fortress 2, and this big of a shift in latency is affecting my play.

Will upgrading to an N600 gateway bring my ping back down? Also, will it be able to keep decent ping while another device is streaming video?


End of line

Powder Springs, GA

I assume the N300 you have is a DGN type model ? That is not AT&T supported equipment. That is 3rd party, so unfortunately your on your own w/ it.

That being said, unsure as to ping times being that drastic of a change between equipment swaps, but I guess it's possible.

Processing power, QOS settings, firmware issues, who knows. The 2wire has already been phased out and is being replaced w/ a Westell 7550 here in the SE, so if you are waiting for a replacement that's what you will prob get, otherwise check Best Buy, you can still find some leftover 2wire's if that's what you want & just return the other. The only sure fire way to know is to test w/ other equipment & no one can guarantee anything regarding your gaming pings w/ anything else you may be doing on your network, like streaming video.

Poway, CA
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The problem with your old 2Wire might be the power supply, not the gateway itself (especially if the power supply has "2Wire" written in red ink). AT&T sells replacement power supplies (around $10, as I recall).