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Hilo, HI
reply to DrDrew

Re: [TWC] No more perboost?

If you would stop with your accusatory attitude it would help.

I am not an idiot. You refuse to believe me about my problems. You ridicule my speed tests and refuse to address the issue. You claim it is all my fault and you make an INSULTING assumption that I am so irresponsible about my DUTIES as an FCC broadband panelist that I would be totally clueless regarding Sam Knows website (after almost TWO YEARS of being a tester) so you felt that you had to inform me about it.

I cannot post the router logs. If you are puzzled as to why then do a search here as there are a lot posts since 2007 about it. You also search Linksy forum here and at Linksy fourm at Linksy for why. I cannot post SK flash charts and I have no way to post the regular scrolling charts at SK because I do not own software that allows me to do that. I have said this already. I had Flash on a virtual machine on IE but I have removed it. I have NO Flash currently. Besides, SK tests are INFERIOR to Visualware's many types of tests. This is particularly true of Sam Knows download and upload speed tests which are CAPACITY tests only and worthless unless you have a capacity problem but any speed test out there can show you that. SK capacity tests were valuable ONLY because they finally (not for over a year though) wrote the tests to be able to strip out Powerboost and show the real capacity speed the user has. Most other speed tests can't do that. But I have no Powerboost now so no need for using capacity tests instead of far more sophisticated and accurate Visualware Quality tests.

SK has tried to emulate a user's experience with youtube, etc. and their tests are ok but Visualware's are far more useful and truthful because Visualware's are real world tests which SK has tried to do through simulation but that is not the same thing. Visualware should have been chosen by the FCC to conduct the testing (but they may not have applied, I never asked them). I will see about having Visualware set up testing for my connection for two weeks. They have done it for me several times in the past and been appalled at what the results showed (as was Oceanic when I gave them the reports).

I have posted Ping Plotter umpteen zillion times over the years here. I am not doing it again because I know from bitter experience that you, or the other nasty people, and TWC apologists who post here will find some way to put the blame on me rather than on Oceanic where it has always been in the past and is now also. I will show Oceanic Ping Plotter results. They will take one look and hand the problem to Thane to fix at the node. (But it won't stay fixed). This has been ongoing since 2001. I can call the technical head of plant for Oceanic Hilo, as I know him well for over thirty years, but I don't like bothering him.

For your information, I think you have forgotten the first post I made in this thread. Go read it again. I posted that 15/1 is a sham, in my experience, and there is no Powerboost on it even though Oceanic claims Powerboost is on 15/1 and uses that as a selling point (or did until they grandfathered 15/1 first of August of this year). Konaguy See Profile saw no Powerboost for the year he had 15/1 and I know of at least one other east Hawaii Big Island RR user with 15/1 who has no Powerboost.

I didn't ask for help. I made a comment and immediately got jumped on because I didn't say that TWC is the best thing since chocolate and that I worship them. As for my reply to Elyria See Profile why should it matter to you how long the post was? I didn't address it to you so why didn't you just ignore it? I also replied to Name Game See Profile who was asking about DNS. Should I have ignored his posts entirely and only responded to yours? I easily pulled up many threads from this forum since 2001 where I was reporting the same problem with similar nasty attacks on me. The only thing that changes in this forum is the names of the apologists for TWC. It is why I seldom post here now and why I have almost completely stopped even visiting this forum for quite awhile now. I regret that I did come here and saw this thread and made that first post.
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Obviously you have some issues with your connection and you aren't getting the Standard 10/1 or Turbo 15/1 speeds you're paying for. PowerBoost isn't even the issue here as you're not seeing it either way. Like you originally theorized, it might be a capacity issue, so why not look at a speedtest that logs link capacity every day like SamKnows? You don't because they measure capacity??

Instead, you spread misinformation to users about the connection calling it a sham, gimmick, and rip off rather then admit upfront to them you've had ongoing issues with no real clue of what is wrong. I HATE misinformation and can't just let it sit unchallenged.

Peoples' home networks have lots of problems. Cables' networks have lots of problems. I've worked for more than a dozen years on both and helped thousands of people in the journey. In that time I've found the hardest ones to help, on either side, are the ones who think their shit doesn't stink and there isn't a problem with their setup. To them, it's always a problem some where else or with someone else. Getting them to accept their stuff might be the issue takes forever. Hard data helps speed that process up immensely.

I was trying to get data on your problems independent to what you may have done to your PC, since you freely admit you have many issues with your PC too. With the data from your hardware logs, I could've made some very educated guesses on what the problem is, what can be done to fix it, and given you guidance on what to tell local techs to look for if it was something they can fix.

I see you can't and won't do that. You'd rather write multi-paragraph diatribes on everything else under the sun.

Good luck with your service calls. My condolences go out to the techs helping you.

PS. You can get the SamKnows "report card" copies that don't need Flash to display since they use PNG images, here: »reporting.samknows.com/index.php ··· portcard

As far as you router problems, I'll guess you didn't mean the DHCP issue that router has, but the password problem. I didn't know you haven't reset your router since 2007 and have been locked out of it for the last 5 years. I thought you fixed that years ago. Of course nothing's wrong with it, it's running the last beta firmware Linksys ever released for it

So, if you're willing to cooperate and post the information needed to troubleshoot your issue, maybe we as a community can get to the bottom of your issues. We'll leave it up to you...
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Kailua Kona, HI
reply to SIOYGYG
Mele's speed issues are more the exception than the rule, in my opinion. I upgraded to the 15/1Mbps tier about a year and half ago. Oceanic upgraded too many individual accounts at that time, which caused the speeds to suffer. I consequently downgraded back to standard service for a few months. Then I upgraded back to the Turbo tier in late 2011 and never had any speed issues whatsoever.

I recently upgraded my service to the 20/2Mbps tier. The speeds simply rock.

I decided to post this so everyone doesn't get the wrong idea about Oceanic's service. Mele's speed and disconnecting problems are related to issues with her service node, not Oceanic's network.


reply to SIOYGYG

I know long running issues like yours can get very frustrating. In some cases narrowing down to the exact cause is hard as there might be 2 or more issues.

It might be helpful to start over from scratch. Forget the past and everything that has gone on before. Challenge EVERY assumption you've made. Rule nothing out.

I spent months on an issue and I was positive it was not the router as it only affected one PC and not the other. every other variable was the same for both PCs. Once i challenged my assumptions I figured out the router was somehow redirecting most traffic from the one PC out through wireless. It was all outgoing with nothing coming back.

I'm not saying your issue is any one particular device or thing but with all the time you've spent so far it can't hurt to spend a bit of time starting from scratch and challenging all your assertions.