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Mr Fel
Louisville, KY
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to Immer

Re: [Classes] 5.0.4 Death Knight

Kept thinking Roiling Blood caused my diseases to refresh in addition to triggering Pestilence, realized I was off when I read this. Did a little digging and found out Scarlet Fever does that. I had selected Roiling Blood thinking I'd be able to keep my diseases up without the need to use the Glyph of Outbreak, turns out that would have happened anyway without using that talent. I am going to definitely respec from that to Plague Leech. As far as Roiling Blood doing its thing with adds and dungeon work, it works great.

I'm in the same boat about Runic Empowerment, was waiting to see if anyone else felt the same way about. Going to respec that out for Blood Tap as well.
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Evans, GA
Tanked some heroic DS last night (only 2 bosses)... and I decided I do not care for Plague Leech. I absolutely LOVE Blood tap. Once you get in a rhythm of building blood stacks and popping BT at 11 or 12 stacks, what happens is anytime you think to use Plague Leech, it won't fire because you don't have a rune fully depleted. So, I'd rather only have to worry about gaming my runes for Deathstrike, not for a side ability that is used for Deathstrike, you know what I mean? Anyway, I'll be switching back to Roiling Blood for as long as I have BT (which... I mean... isn't going to change anytime soon).
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