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reply to Name Game

Re: Assange makes 1st public appearance in 2 months

said by Name Game:

also this might answer some questions...

A Typo in the Constitution

» ··· nder-eaw

On this point, thought it worth adding some of the views from Sweden.

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Four days ago, I resolved to turn my attention to issues other than Juluan Assange. However, I have been called again and again by journalists, including from Spain and Australia. And then I learned that a blog post from my colleague Mark Klamberg had been invoked by the Guardian to prove a point that was incorrect (not Mark’s fault, though). I have therefore translated and edited a couple of my earlier submissionss (17 and 20 August) for an international audience. I will focus on the extradition issue, but in order to be comprehensive, I will add a few words on diplomatic immunity and diplomatic asylum. (My apologies for any mistakes in the text; it is late at night.)

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In my previous post I described how the Swedish extradition procedure works and its sequence. I explained that prior to the evaluation and decision of the Government the law provides that 1) the Prosecutor-General shall deliver a statement of opinion on the matter and 2) the Supreme Court shall rule on the matter. I wrote that the Government is the final body to approve an extradition request and it may deny a request even if it has been approved by the Supreme Court, but I did not go into the question of the discretion of the Government when there is an extradition agreement. Glenn Greenwald cited parts of my post on the Guardian website on this matter.

There seems to be just as much discussion on what can and cannot be there too. Quite amazing.
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