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Jacksonville, NC

Pioneer VSX-1122K HDMI Input/Output Issue


I just bought a Pioneer VSX-1122K AV receiver and have an interesting (but highly frustrating) issue. I am attempting to connect my computer's video card (EVGA GTX 590 Classified) to one of the HDMI ports on the receiver and output HDMI to a Samsung SA550 Monitor.

If I leave the monitor in "PC" mode, I get an "HDCP Error" message; however if I switch it to "AV" mode it works fine. The problem with using "AV" mode is that it looks terrible in comparison to the "PC" mode and the screen does not work properly at 1920x1080 mode (like it is supposed to do)

Has anyone run into this issue and is there a fix? I'd hate to take back the receiver, but I cannot abide it not working with the graphics card, considering that my SLI setup was displaying perfectly fine until I added the receiver.

Thanks in advance!
Jim McCoy

Belleville, IL
One of the drawbacks of using a single input on a TV. You can try adjusting the input properties. There are likely several "enhancements' enabled as the TV is expecting a "TV" video signal. The problem with this, is even if you find the setting that is causing the problem, you will have to enable/disable it each time you use the PC.

In any case, try attaching the PC directly to the TV and using both settings. That will help determine the cause of the error. If you don't get the error, it's a receiver issue. If you still get the error, it will be the TV or PC (likely the TV).
Google is your Friend


Carmel, NY
reply to JimMcCoy
I know with an older Pioneer I had issues with a TV Passing the EDID through the reciever to the Xbox360 to get a proper signal.

but also check your drivers, I'm sure you use the latest, but I've had issues with my HTPC with ATI give issues with HDMI sync when turning off the TV. But Since I did a reinstall of the OS everything is fine, so not sure if it was the Pioneer, but there is some issues with EDID passthroughs.