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Beverly Hills, CA
reply to Ian

Re: Organic Food.. not as safe?

said by Ian:

said by yoyomhz:

#2 - Organic food is better in many ways. But it wouldn't be possible to prove it.

I always laugh at the term "organic" anyway.

Actually we can prove it:

#1 - organophosphates proven to cause brain problems in children.
#2 - Bhopal India - pesticides manufacturer Union Carbide killed hundreds, poisoned thousands
#3 - pesticides kill bees
#4 - pesticides are carcinogens
#5 - no studies have been done to show pesticides safe in long term
#6 - Maternal exposure to certain pesticides during pregnancy predicts neurological deficits in children during childhood.
#7 - cancer clusters caused by groundwater contamination in California towns
#8 - 500,000 Chinese poisoned each year by pesticides
#9 - Pesticides drift for miles - poison neighbours
#10 - Pesticides kill natural predators, causing the need for more sprays (known as the pesticide treadmill)
#11 - Farmworkers using pesticides not sufficiently trained, apply the pesticides not according to the label.
#12 - Synergy - two pesticides together more toxic than each by itself. Don't eat an apple and a peach at the same time.
#13 - pesticides from one product contaminate others when produce is placed in the used boxes. Banana boxes, for example.
#14 - pesticides banned in Canada used in third world countries, at rates that are obscene. The fruit is then eatne by Canadians.
#15 - Lawyers of pesticide companies are dishonest. When poisoned farmworkers sue the big corporations they lose.

And the lsit can go on and on. We can prove organic is better. But there are a lot of dumb people around who think they're saving money. They're not.

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