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Westland, MI
reply to Metal

Re: Wow broke my house...

I'm going to agree with the original poster that the installer should have at least mentioned this issue.

A simple "Hey, I noticed that you plug all of these devices into the ethernet port on the back of the U-verse box, but our boxes don't have an ethernet jack, so you are going to have to figure out a way to hook all of them back up".

It's not WOW's responsibility to engineer a solution to this, or even understand what the OP was doing, but to simply leave everything unplugged and then jet out doesn't seem right. Obviously this isn't going to leave the customer happy or satisfied.

I had no idea you could hook up u-verse in this fashion. Wireless could be a solution, but unsure on your distances, walls, etc. I don't use wireless for my gaming consoles or anything else because it's less than 100% reliable. Another option you could consider is a power line network adapter, unsure if they great because I've never personally had a need to try them as my house is very easy to physically run wire in.