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Pleasant Hill, MO

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reply to aerith

Re: Best quote by Karl Bode is

"The fascist market has done nothing to improve broadband choices for the USA, and probably will NOT improve for the next 100 years, unless Government tells the fascist market to say:

You the company must provide at least 100 mbps access, for no more than $100 (if government subsidies are needed, so be it) and any device that needs to have internet access, has a public IP address (this eliminates having a router, because if the router fails, one can't share internet access, however for wireless only devices, new equipment will need to be developed,) as well with no caps and/or "usage based billing," otherwise, you can't operate as an ISP in the USA."

Yeah because the government forcing companies to offer and price ceilings always works so very well. Not that what we have now is better, just a different 'evil'.