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Superior, WI
reply to Austinloop

Re: Free land and electricity?

me neither, after quite a few years working with governments(local and state), any ISP coming into a building(or anything at that), every little detail had to be discussed, from the hardware they were installing(serials and models) or would need so the building could keep track of it(if it gets stolen, which happens more often than you think in public buildings), and even down to exactly, to the foot, where it was going, and what kind of power requirements and plugs it would need. Then, once everything that was needed was discussed, each department would have to notified of the install, and where it was(so it could be added to building maintenance maps), and then each department would have to show up to put in what they needed to put in(ie. electrical would put in an outlet with a locking plug, networking would come and run the appropriate cables to it to hook into their existing network, general maintenece would come and drill a hole thru the wall or floor or wherever and put a fish cable thru for the installer, and then the installer would be the last step, and would just make the cable run and plug it into the wall and verify its getting internet, and then networking would come and hook it to their network. its an overly complex system, and an installer would not be allowed into many of the places of the building they would need access to without an escort of some kind, and without everyone knowing exactly what was happening long beforehand. In gov't stuff, installers just dont "show up" and put something in, every little thing has to be approved and set up ahead of time, and someone else is usually involved. I know this process better than most, since I helped get FTTP into our local libraries, and the steps needed were quite obnoxious, and very tech restricting. Took me 3 months to get the fiber from the ground in front to getting the modem connected to the libraries internal network for 1 building. I did 3 buildings, and it was over a year long process. Most cities have fiber for business users and such "downtown", and here is no different. If you have the cash, charter, and even centurylink will install FTTH, but its expensive service.