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Burlington, WV
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Re: Westelll 7500 modem

Do you own the modem or are you leasing it from your provider? If leasing ask them to replace it. There shouldn't be any charge.

If you own the modem I would first check the power supply with a voltmeter to see if it is putting out the correct voltage. I find it interesting that the power LED is flashing green, as I have not seen this before. Normally flashes red if there is a problem. If it is not then the power supply is your problem and will require repair or replacement. If the power supply has the correct voltage then try resetting it to factory defaults using the reset on the back panel. The reset has a red circle around it and you'll need to use a small screwdriver or paper clip to push it in until it resets. If the LEDs stop flashing you will also have to reconfigure the modem, hopefully you know your setup parameters and your user information. If the LEDs continues to flash I would say that the unit is faulty and requires servicing or replacement.