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Cairo, GA

Just wait

Give it a couple months, and you can be posting in the tech support/help forums wondering why you are getting .25 connection most of the time now.


Ah, but this isn't this a true T1, not DSL. It may be true that when you pay $300/mo. you actually can get a stable connection, however I do believe it is unfair to have this categorized as a DSL review IMHO.


Yes it's a TRUE T1, connection is stable no down time, yes it's expensive, the line is provided by AT&T and the ISP is Windstream, my monthly rate is calculated by the local loop length aka from my premises back to the CO, followed by maintenance charge to maintain the line plus tax, I have a bonded T1 1.5x2 which gives me 3x3 plus a second line that my voice channel is on, it was either this or Mediacom which from my past experience can't do anything correctly, plus now they have caps and huge overages, also had DSL from AT&T which for some reason, they don't offer in my area anymore but the kicker is neither is u verse, so that's not an option, their is dial-up but that's so slow, then there is satellite which is also slow and has really low caps,


reply to AckAck
I didn't put it as a DSL review if you look at my other review, the original company is Nuvox which was bought out my Windstream, but they still call themselves Nuvox or at least the tech do yet they show up in Windstream vehicles lol, I couldn't find a section for Windstream Business..


UPDATE: I am no longer going with this company.. My cable provider has offered me 5 mbps download 1 mbps upload with unlimited local and longdistance with over 40 calling features plus a SLA ( Service Level Agreement) of 99.99 % uptime with a repair time of 4 hours on a business account for 89.95 a month for 3 years...Plus no caps either
« I guess you get what you pay for.