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Phoenix, AZ

Are AT&T and Comcast *really* the only choices available?

I am moving from Phoenix to New Britain in a few months and am completely astonished by the lack of quality ISP choices in the area. I figured the with the east coast being as condensed as it is, the entire region would be wired with fiber, but instead I find two jokes of an ISP instead.

AT&T's fastest plan is a pathetic 6/0.7Mbps (I'm used to CentruyLink's 40/20), and I've heard horror stories about Comcast. From what I understand, they treat their customers like criminals and throttle torrent traffic, even if you're not downloading anything illegal.

So is there anything better or am I screwed? I'm a producer, so I send and receive a lot of large audio files; I need a 20/5 line at the minimum with no data cap. Thanks for the input.

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Windsor, CT
Go Comcast Business class then

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said by Psythik:

Are AT&T and Comcast *really* the only choices available?

No, your only good choice is Comcast business.

Call Comcast business, NOT residential, do not even call Comcast residential to ask for Comcast business, just call Comcast business.
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A long time ago, in a phone company long time gone, there was SNET (Southern New England Telephone) that owned 99% of Connecticut. Someone at SBC (Southwester Bell Corp) got the bright idea to buy SNET. So they did. And then, SBC got the bright idea to buy AT&T. So they did. And now Connecticut is considered the 'red headed step child of AT&T's properties (no offense meant to red headed step children). There is one small area of Connecticut that has Verizon as their LEC (local exchange carrier) and that is Greenwich. Connecticut citizens are still scratching their heads years later wondering why (now) AT&T would by SNET when the area was surrounded by Verizon territory. If it wasn't for AT&T buying SNET, it probably would be owned by Verizon and there would be FIOS for most every household in CT.
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Mullica Hill, NJ
Is it bad that even 5 years after leaving CT, That I still say SNET.

But yes it never made sense when they got bought out. My guess is it was one of spite assimilation where someone at what was then SBC decided to troll Verizon by preventing them from owning New England.
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Quick synopsis from my "hood"

AT&T DSL - nearly flawless reliability

Comcast HSI - blazing speeds, yet frequent random outages*. I don't have business class, but I would be hesitant to put any business based VOIP or data on Comcast in my region. Perhaps New Brit - ehn has better reliability? Don't know. Optimum is available in some cities, Dont' know about N. B.

Calling support Comcast vs. calling AT&T - a toss up at frequency of clueless script readers. My last to Comcast call for an outage - "No outages in your area" followed by 15 minutes of device fiddling, followed by "I see there is an outage in your area." I can't blame this entirely on phone tech if outage report was not available at inception of call.

I have a sweeping, paint-all theory:

Big companies suck.

It's always an immense pleasure when that is proven wrong to me. Unfortunately, those instances are rare.

*In all fairness, I do live in a heavily wooded region. Perhaps tree branches are the issue? On the other hand, AT&T's DSL faced the same tree branch environment.

Depending upon location, and the fact that I am told that every CT based AT&T CO is connected together by fiber optic cable, perhaps you might be able to get AT&T to sell you a slice of fiber. Some schools & businesses apparently do this, but I imagine the price is knee buckling.