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[CFL] Upgraded to Lightning- Problems created and solved

Thought I would relate my upgrade experience.

Just upgraded to Lightning today (Saturday morning) by two BH contractors (as it said on their shirts).
Nice, pleasant guys, had it up and running in 10mins.

That was the easy part.
I mentioned I wanted the Surfboard put in bridge mode and wireless disabled, so I could use my existing wireless and router setup.
They had no idea what bridge mode was, but happily gave me the psk for the wireless, as my password to access the modem, if I needed to change anything.

So after they were on their way, I called the 1-866-309-EASY support number and got the automated menu.
When it asked for the problem, I said "modem light out" and was immediately transferred to a service tech.
I explained to the tech I wanted the modem in bridge mode and the installers didn't know how.
He very quickly handled this from his end, once he verified I was actually the account holder, which I did appreciate.
(I got the impression this was a pretty common occurrence)
Once he was done, I then verified that the wired and wireless machines, all had access.
(To his credit the tech insisted I do this while he waited on the phone)
Took a grand total of 2 mins.

Then came the other problem that nobody mentioned would happen.
I already had Turbo and multiple e-mail accounts (both business and family), but when I upgraded to Lightning the only e-mail account I could access was the master account.
All other family and business accounts were no longer accessible or existed, according to RR.com.

After logging into the master account at rr.com and going to account management, I soon found out the all the other sub-accounts were disabled.
I had to re-enable all the other e-mail accounts and re-enter the passwords (as "change password") before the accounts became functional again.
(No e-mail was lost or deleted, the accounts just appeared to not exist)
Since I have separate business and personal e-mail accounts and the personal account was the master account, this would have been a huge problem come Monday morning.

Seems someone should have mentioned this would happen.

Now, everything is running like it should and speeds are consistently at 40 and slightly above.
Overall, couldn't be happier with the upgrade.

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
Glad to hear your story....as for the email thing something must have happened as this is not common...in fact I have never heard of such a thing happening before. There are some rare circumstances where email accounts won't transfer from one account to another but just upgrading should not and normally would not cause this.