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Columbus, OH
reply to alan92rttt

Re: Wow broke my house...

said by alan92rttt:

Do you honestly expect the WOW installers to understand that the OP was using an unsupported feature of a competing system and tell him that their was going to be a problem?

Its the OP's responsibility to know how his home network works, know that he's doing something unsupported and find his own solution. That may sound harsh but this is not WOW's fault or their problem to fix.


100% agreed.

The OP bought a system that did A, but never understood that. OP wanted B, and assumed the world would seamlessly and invisibly accommodate that without his saying a word or doing anything else. So he sits there like Jabba the Hutt, then complains when things don't unroll his way.

OP has a problem with entitlement. He thinks he's entitled to the world just automatically going his way no matter what.