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DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT-or you will likely be disappointed

Don't buy this product until you read all customer reviews. Sorry, NetTalk does not provide a spot for customers to provide feedback directly on their site - too bad as it would give the customers something to do while they wait for hours (literally) on hold waiting to get helped. Same number for tech support, sales and customer service try it 1-866-967-1063. When you call there are no options you are put on hold with everyone else and will get a message such as last week, "You are caller number 65 with an estimated wait time of 181 minutes" or today "you are caller 34 with an estimated wait time of 80 minutes." (Just to see if I could be served I have been waiting now for 78 minutes with "an estimated wait time of 34 minutes". You do get occasional messages letting you know your placement on hold and wait time which often goes up or sometimes down just a couple of minutes). You do get to listen to very, very, very, very annoying music which plays over and over in a loop while you wait. I anticipate getting cut off as their hours of operation are very poor and based on EST which does us on PST little good. They close at 1 on SAT and it has now passed that while I have been on hold, so I imagine that if I do not get cut off I will get a message when my turn comes in another hour or so that I need to "call back during our normal hours of operation."

Don't anticipate any response to your email, at least I have not received one yet. You can create a service ticket on line and you get a canned email back indicating someone will contact you, but I have not heard from anyone regarding the ticket either. No live chat.

Maybe they have only one employee trying to do it all????

The quality of calls is very poor. Often the other party cannot hear me and we have to hang up. I have to unplug the NetTalk device, wait for it to reboot and try the call again. The call quality even then is poor. Delayed voice with feedback and cuts in and out. I only use it as an emergency backup phone and rely on my cell phone as this is not reliable whatsoever.

If you want to pay for your item on line - with such a shabby company do you want to put your credit card information on-line to them? They do post that their site is secure, but they also make other claims too. Beware. You can pay by PayPal in increments of $1, $5, $10 and $20 for a ridiculous fee for each transaction. Yes, if you want to purchase $29 you will need to make six transactions to complete this one action for a ridiculous fee each time, so be prepared to actually be paying closer to $40 rather than $29. Then the amount you paid will be posted as a calling credit amount, not for service or product.

Do not purchase this item in a store or on-line. Buy it from NetTalk directly by calling them at 1-866-967-1063. If after waiting hours on hold you finally do reach someone, ask them about call quality and call hold time. If you do decide to buy, you will deserve what you get.

Go to their site www.nettalk.com and look for Live Chat it is not there. Look for a spot for customer review/feedback. It is not there. Look for separate numbers for service, sales, customer support and see it is not there. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!