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Long Beach, CA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to Carnivore


said by Carnivore:

Earlier this week our FiOS programming was interrupted by an Emergency Alert System tornado warning issued for an area three counties to our west in NJ. Since our DVR was on pause at the time I know it was being broadcast live to the DVR by Verizon, not just by the originating channel that was paused.

Again today we've got some severe weather, but this time it's not three counties away. The national weather service issued a tornado *warning* (not a watch) for our exact county as well as several others in adjacent counties very close by. I know this because I got the alerts on my NOAA S.A.M.E. weather radio, and naturally all the local media was reporting on them too. But I got no EAS messages at all via Verizon FiOS this time, even though my TV/DVR was on again.

So what's the point of Verizon breaking into our programming for those annoying weekly EAS tests all the time, and then transmitting warnings that aren't even relevant to my area, if they fail to come through with real warnings when they actually affect us?

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I've read the other threads. Don't recall the exact convos other than EAS being annoying Also that VZ does this as required or something. If there isn't one, perhaps a FAQ on how VZ handles EAS and what it will do as far as interrupting DVR and VOD and such could be compiled. As a typical poster I did not check to see if it already existed lol