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Selkirk, NY

slow upload speed with ASUS RT-N66U

I have verizon fios 25x2 internet service and I have their newer gigabit router. I recently bought an Asus RT-N66U and set it up as a secondary router. I plugged the Asus wan port into a LAN port on the fios router and set the IP on the asus to with a subnet mask of

All my computers and devices (wired and wireless) connect and get 25M down but are only gettign about 1.75 up.

If I connect directly to the fios router (either via a wire or wireless) and run the speed test again, i get the full 5M upload speed.

So my question is why is the Asus router limiting my upload speeds?


Selkirk, NY
oh nevermind - i just found the setting in Traffic Manager, QoS. It lets you set your speeds there and I was set to 20x2. Once I changed it to 20x5, it was fine.