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Lakewood, CA
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reply to sonicmerlin

Re: the real monopolist

said by sonicmerlin:

said by LBW :

When telecoms sit down to negotiate right-of-way or to obtain permits from a municipality, they put themselves in the position of dealing with a bureaucratic monopolist who has little incentive to reach a socially optimal result. To its credit, Google refused to play this game. By turning its project into a contest between municipalities it took away their monopoly power and forced them to reveal just how valuable this kind of investment is to them.

I always wonder whether people like you have ever worked at a large corporation, or realize these giant businesses are rife with their own utterly inefficient and wasteful bureaucracies run by egotistic managers?

How true. My brother worked for Kodak up until 2 yrs ago then started with HP basically they day they folded Palm acquisition. He said he had never seen such bureaucratic inefficient private companies.
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