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A tail of two phones

Ok, hopefully I got attention
Both my wife and I work from home with company provided VOIP phones: mine requires SIP ALG, hers fails when ALG is enabled. I had some old Cisco gear in the closet (1700 w four port switch card and Crypto IOS) that I used as a "core" router with a E4200 hanging off one port to handle ALG. Worked fine when I was at the low end FIOS throughput service, even with the MTU mismatch. I've since upgraded to 75meg FIOS and the Cisco will not cut it (Only 9-10m throughput due to MTU mismatch). (no Cisco does not allow an MTU change on 1700 series ethernet ports). So, here's the question(s):
Is there a firmware option for the E4200 that will allow NAT AND RIP to be enabled at the same time? If so, that will solve the issue of using the E4200 in a "core" role. I'll just buy another 4200 for the ALG side of things.
Is there a device out there (Linksys or other) that will allow NAT and RIP to be enabled at the same time?
Any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.