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Big Russ, 1918 to 2008. Rest in Peace

New York, NY

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Another misguided "post"!

Ah yes, and I quickly remembered why I haven't frequented this site much (recently) when I read this gem of news "article". Karl's eloquent description of the "massive" subsidies Google received are the most humorous part. What Karl considers a "subsidy", a business person (aka EVIL profit drive free market conservative) considers a well worked deal. Google very publicly offered the service to any city that wanted it. All those cities each had to decide how much it was worth to them to entice Google to come install their network. Part of ANY deal are the demands one party impresses upon the other. In this case, Google was able to secure free/low cost real estate. AND?? SO WHAT?? Kansas City wanted Google, and this was the deal they struck. Go cry me a river you bleeding heart liberals. If we had it YOUR way then nothing would ever get built. Don't believe me? Take a quick look at where FIOS WAS installed as compared to where it WASN'T installed (cough, looking at you BOSTON, cough). Bottom line is that by opening up and actually inviting business to compete (a shocking concept, I am sure) everyone benefits. By DEMANDING (as some small brained ignoramus did earlier in this thread) that a (given telecom company) "deploy 100Mbps to EVERYONE for $1" (or some absurd amount) the consumers will suffer.
"No you won't" -The American people to President Obama (11/2/2010)


Hazelwood, MO

Re: Another misguided "post"!

Right... "nothing would ever get built" because companies will just close up shop and stop doing their core business if their demands arent met.

And actors wont act, singers wont sing, artist wont paint and doctors wont "doctor" if we don't give them everything they think they are entitled to and then some.