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Victoria, BC
reply to xsbell

Re: Optik Internet Issue | Retrains multiple times daily

I don't have a treadmill, and all electronics are on surge protectors. The modem and my Vonage box and switches are all sitting on a small UPS actually, so there shouldn't be any issues with interference in the house.

So the tech came today around 4pm or so, prior to that the modem had retrained 35 times since midnight (so 16 hours), which is the last time I reset it. As he was standing there talking with me the light on it went off as it reset itself.

He checked at the demarc and couldn't detect any shorts at that time, but when he went in the telco room on the end of our building, he saw signs of damage to wiring. Turns out there had been rats in there at some point (I'm betting they were found right when I started having issues, but I didn't ask), and even though they got rid of the rats nobody checked the wiring. The last tech had looked in there as well but said he didn't see anything, I confirmed with our maintenance guy that the rats were found weeks ago at least so he missed the damage.

The tech ended up replacing a big chunk of wiring in that room (coming in from outside I think), he said it looked like it could have been hitting some of the side of the building which is metal, he also switched the pairs that were used coming into my townhouse just in case.

It's been three hours without an issue now, when the last 24 hours have been nonstop. I am seeing some 30 minute near end FEC numbers, but only like 128 total, no other errors at all.