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Re: [DSL] Anyone else experiencing slow 25/7 out of Ottawa?

I'm on 6/0.8 Niagara region and for the 3rd night in a row my speed goes horribly down and ping goes horribly up.

Tonight's Speedtest.net result:
Download: 1.52 Mb/s (this is normally 4.35 Mb/s)
Upload: 0.56 Mb/s (this is normally 0.65 Mb/s)
Ping: 101 ms (this is normally 10-15 ms)

I am now on hold for over 45 minutes!!! already with Teksavvy, because I really want some answers.


Hamilton, ON
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20 reboots didn't work earlier, but went for a shower and left modem unplugged for 30+ minutes + removed green/red wires from POTS splitter and pings and speeds went back to normal..for now at least.


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Well, finally got Teksavvy on the phone after an hour of waiting and he wanted to make sure it wasn't my router, so I connected my computer directly into the modem and low and behold my speeds game back up and the ping went down!? Why is my router doing this suddenly every night starting from around 5:30 PM?? I have a D-Link DIR-615-E3 with DD-WRT installed. Do any of you have a DD-WRT router, maybe somehow that is the problem? It has always been running fine until about 3 days ago...very strange.



In my case, with or without router, the problem persists. Always at the same times.

Really smells like a case of the system simply being unable to deal with the amount of traffic.

I dont think it's any coincidence that this started happening right around the same time as school reconvened and the Summer temperatures took a dive.


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Had a few random internet sessions dropped today around noon. I am in Ottawa, but on cable. Looks like a Teksavvy issue.


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Same again here in Niagara area. I tried to eliminate the router (like I did yesterday following the Tech's advice), but unfortunately that trick didn't work anymore, so I think they must have done something on their end yesterday to temporarily solve the issue. I also found it very strange that the Tech did not know anything about the problem while there are several topics here on DSL Reports and also on their own Teksavvy forum about this problem. Very strange and very disappointing. Anyway, while reading the forums, I came across a solution that seemed to have helped me tonight. Try turning your modem off for about 5 minutes and start it back up again after. This helped for me, so I hope it will help for you too.



I live in South Windsor area, I've been having daily multiple disconnects as well with Teksavvy DSL. 90% of the time it corrects itself if I totally disconnect the power source to both modem and router for 5+ mins. If I just do the modem it seems my router doesn't work. Too lazy to call Teksavvy and be on hold for 45 min to an hour to see why the daily disconnects always in the evening hours. Like most times, they'll blame my gear/wiring. Very frustrating!



Getting 3/0.42 right now on 28/1 cable (Centretown).
It's been pretty bad since about Friday. We actually lost connection sometime last night until midday today.

I'm assuming it has to do with traffic/students. I understand the advertised speed can't always be met but I shouldn't have to pay full price for this lol.

If it weren't for those meddling kids *shakes fist*...