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Re: Pace 4111N

You are going way off topic Tobester but I just wanted to tell you I was very patient and courteous when dealing with the Sonic.net representatives who attempted to fix my issue when I had Sonic Fusion.

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Although it has not come up in this thread, itemizing the $6.50 as a rental fee lowers the taxes on the service, so that is one reason to do it. Also, I just comparison-shopped between Comcast, U-verse, Sonic, and my last provider DSL Extreme, and even with this rental fee, Sonic is a far better deal in terms of speed-and-overall-package-for-the-money. If you know of a better option, please let me know. I'd like my internet service to be cheaper, too, but I don't think hammering on the cheapest provider will get me there.

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reply to DaneJasper
said by DaneJasper:

What sort of challenges are you encountering?

I hope it is okay to update a dead thread ... challenges ...

»2Wire 3801HGV - ports open (even when I didn't open it)

I was going to reply to the OP of that topic with a list of the services listening on the ports he enumerated. But I hit a snag with port 3479: It wasn't listed at my "go-to" site of registered reserved TCP ports. Some additional searching suggested something related to AT&T.

Since Pace bought 2Wire, I got curious and probed at port 3479 from GRC "Shields Up!" And found that port 3479, listed by GRC-SU as, 'twrpc', is listening.

So my CPE, and LAN is accessible from the Internet, and security is dependent on Pace/2Wire firmware not to be vulnerable.

Some time this week the Siemens SpeedStream 4100 is coming out of its box, and going online at the relative's residence behind the Netgear FRP114(she gets no advantage from ADSL2+ over ADSL). The ZTE ZXDSL 831II will come here, along with the D-Link DIR-655 (which has useful features the Pace lacks). And the Pace 4111N-030 will go back in its box. And it will be galling to know that I am paying $6.50 a month to rent an unused piece of equipment, sitting in its box.
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