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Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to norwegian

Re: Which browser is recommended for security reasons?

Since most people now days use web mail via the browser and not some vulnerable client I would say the browser is the key to keeping safe.

IE9 and Win7 are moving in the right direction..but look at the numbers of total users out there compared to those who might have win7 and IE9 that are facing the internet. You can't just tell someone to run out and buy and new PC or laptop if they want to be safe.
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True, and also add in a cloud to boot.....if I'm reading this correctly.

A company I know is starting to invest in an internal documenting software, and they do use a cloud for load sharing. The new Office platform though just won't win many hearts if they expect business to load their secrets into a Microsoft Cloud...hearsay I know and is a view and not facts yet, and I may get called a troll if someone does know more than that, but I'd like to start or see a topic on the new software to come and security and privacy concerns from a user to a enterprise platform point of view.

Not everyone wants an ipad, tablet or similar tool, both at home or in the enterprise, at least not yet....but we are all dummies to be trained.

But as you say, the browser may in fact be more important than the underlying O/S with the direction we are looking at. Almost the next Netscape/browser step almost?

Little bit off topic I know, but relevant still I believe?
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke

Rockwood, MI

Uses Internet Explorer on 4 Household PC's here, been using IE since version 4.0, no major infections over the years, just the browser always preferred to be using..

So Internet Explorer has my vote