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TSI Marc
Chatham, ON
reply to llort

Re: Bell/TSI "accidentally" disconnected my DSL!

said by llort :

said by TSI Marc:

said by llort :

Do you think Bell has technicians just waiting on your every beck and call to fix your troubles as soon as you call in? Bell serves thousands upon thousands of customers and repair tickets must follow a process in order to get resolved.

Yeah. I do. We used to be able to call in and sometimes same day it would get fixed. To be offline for an entire week? Come on. TekSavvy has thousands upon thousands of customers too, it's a matter of staffing appropriately and having the will to make right where mistakes have been made... There will always be mistakes but it's how you deal with them.

It's too easy for your customers to be offline for an entire week. On those repair tickets when the trouble condition proves past the dmarc and Bell walks away, just how long will the sub have to wait for another tech to come fix the inside?

Hurm, The card was pulled. Nothing to do with anybody other then a mistake by the field tech.

As far it being too easy for our subs to be offline... Why would that be any different then any other sub going to them? They all have all sorts of problems and they all need to be sorted out.
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy