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TSI Marc
Chatham, ON
reply to ruwell

Re: Bell/TSI "accidentally" disconnected my DSL!

said by ruwell :

marc are you out of your mind....bell sits around waiting for your call....if your getting that big like primus did roll your own trucks....your showing the im a big guy company when your a spot in the dark. your going the way of an isp that many of us here knew a whole lot about...doncaster ?????? your getting so arrogant that your losing clients bigtime....just go back to the basics provide internet access...you want to look at something to follow as a business .....get a hold of the magma way of doing things....they did it right the first time and never looked back

Why is it arrogant to expect to get reasonable support for something we're paying top dollar for? I'm sorry, I totally disagree with you and I don't feel I'm being arrogant in the least.

5 years ago, we used to get much better support, we were much much smaller then. In a situation like this where we had a field tech make a mistake and combined with our being on it and pushing it right from the get go, I remember it, I remember in many cases they would find a way to go back and fix it the same day. I pushed it straight to our escalations team and still it took a week. This just didn't happen back then. There should be a way to escalate these kinds of mistakes in their procedures and just out of pride, the tech that made the mistake should want to go back and fix their mistake. This is what's wrong these days, there's no pride. I've been selling DSL since 2002 directly from them and I have seen it better. Why is it such a bad thing to expect similar now?

I don't understand how you think any of this is arrogant.
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy