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Denver, CO

[Info] Belkin Advance N900 Router

Pure Hype - Junk Technology - Doesn't work as advertised - Avoid like a VD
Placed advanced along with others based on a CNET article »ces.cnet.com/8301-33372_1-573547 ··· -router/
Will never trust CNET again.
The set up is total junk. Took many hours. The router's java script had no error trapping - lots of compile error messages.
Once set up - the router keeps loosing link. Have to mannually reset it. The 1-800 number went to nowhere.

Finally, months later, the 1-800 number worked. Had to make several calls. Belkin replaced the unit. The six months of almost daily "resets" stopped. So, it was a junk unit with no Quality Control as suspected.
After 4 weeks with the new unit, and only requireing a manual reset once, the power went off for about 15 seconds.
As usual, the Belkin Advance N900 Router could not find the DSN from the Comcast Cable Modem. Powered down twice, and it worked for LAN, but it could not acquire the Comcast Internet DSN.
To fix, power down, power back on. Wait, unplug the top RJ-45, replug - then click the tiny -unmarked reset button on the right side of the unit (opposit of the RJ-45 side) - wait for the blue light to stay on - or do it all again.

The wireless signal on the replacement is stronger, but nowhere near as advertised. If you open a new Belkin Advanced N900 DB and the signal is weaker than your $29.00 wireless router, just get on the phone to get a replacement right away. They will make you call more than once to get it logged. The first callers don't understand technology, just go along with them and re-set it several times. Then call back once the problem is logged.
Yes, you have just become Belkin's Quality Assurance Tester and can expect to waste hours of your time.

For what it is worth, I did get Comcast to come out and check the cable modem signal four weeks ago before the exchange. For what ever reason, DSL Reports Speed test after that increased from about 5 to 12 (what I am paying for). So my Internet speed test was a failure of Comcast. The router's Internet DNS drop was and still is Belkin.

Did buy a exteranal USB 3.0 Hard drive and plug into the router (USB 2.0). It has worked.
There are no firmware updates available since Belkin N900 came out. WHY NOT?

Credit for CNET for a good review that was totally wrong.
Credit to dslreports.com who "warned me" not to trust Belkin.

Belkin top of the line "flag ship" product could have been so much better. For the price and the huge hours of time it has wasted, it should be avoided.