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Service Electric Cable DVR Boxes

I know they are the PACE but are they any good.. I currently have a TiVo but I am getting sick of it but I want a DVR.. and I know I can buy an extender HDD to increase it's capacity.

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Columbia, TN
Isnt the TiVo a DVR?

I would much rather have a TiVo than a Pace DVR

Reading, PA
reply to ptb127
I've heard that the eSATA port on the Pace DVR does indeed work to extend the DVR storage space.

The port however does not work on a Motorola DVR. With Service Electric you could get a Motorola or a Pace DVR. Whatever they have is what you get.

Tivo Premiere would blow away any iGuide based cable box (Moto or Pace). Plus with the Tivo it's not just better graphics, its features like streaming, remote DVR programming, smartphone / iPad app, and Service Electric doesn't offer any of that.

If you have an older Series 3 Tivo, or an SD Tivo, then yeah maybe the Pace DVR is worth a shot... but if you have the latest Tivo there's no comparison. The software they run sucks so bad and that's the primary reason I'm with DirecTV for that and only use Service Electric for Phone and Internet.

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to ptb127
I think OP has the older TiVos which are a technological backwater these days. Even the Series 3 is pretty ancient.

The Premiere is nice but I use media center for a whole home DVR (on Service Electric).


reply to cypherstream
I have a premiere TiVo that has been upgraded with a 2TB HDD. I have some stutters and freezes with the software that makes me want to pull my hair out. I know SECV does not have the best DVR'S.. but just don't want to deal with the freezes and stuff of that nature.

Reading, PA
I don't know if you would be interested but DirecTV has a real nice DVR. Let me know I will PM you my acct number and refer a friend number. We would both get $100 in bill credits if you sign up under me. That's $10 off a month for 10 months. Plus your new customer deals and free NFL sunday ticket... might be worth a look just for kicks.

I love it. The DVR is fantastic. Much more storage space and a real nice UI.


Kintnersville, PA
reply to ptb127
sectv dvr are POS so far behind like most their products im talking lehigh valley system... still no docsis 3.0 they have done some channel changing no their lines are down in my area because of the hurricane another delay so fed up them but its only option.....


Frackville, PA
reply to ptb127
When the Mahanoy system was intergrated into SECV I ended up with the Pace RNG200. I had the two different Motorola DCX3400s before the Pace and the Pace beats them hands down. I can honestly say that the Pace is the best cable DVR so far.

It is a lot smaller and faster than previous boxes. Has a 2.5 inch 5200 RPM 500GB WD Sata HDD. External power supply. It evens outputs RGB Video levels to my Kuro. With SECV, the eSata port is live so you can hook up an external hard drive.

Here is the specifications for the Pace RNG200:
»www.pace.com/Documents/Specifica ··· spec.pdf

Here is the owners manual for the Pace RNG200:
»www.pace.com/Documents/Manuals/E ··· User.pdf
»www.pace.com/Documents/Manuals/E ··· -QSG.pdf
Page 12 shows how to hook up an external drive. Also you use the same procedure to enter the user settings menu as you would use with Motorolas. Press cable, power, and then menu on your remote.
The Pace also has the best diagnostics menu I have ever seen on any cable box. You press cable, power, and ok/select on your remote to enter diagnostics and then use the scroll pad to move around the menus.
Other Pace links:
»www.pace.com/americas/products-c ··· rng200n/

SECV is also using new remotes:
The M3 button is 30 second skip forward. The counterclockwise arrow button is 15 second skip backward. The page up and down button is the 5 minute forward and back. You can even use the scroll buttons to move forward and back and also pause and play recordings.

Here is the next box that is coming from Pace:
»www.pace.com/universal/news-even ··· gration/
As you can see Pace teamed up with Tivo and the box will have six tuners. I hope SECV gets these as I will be willing to give the XG1 a try.