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Sherwood, MI
reply to Mele20

Re: Which browser is recommended for security reasons?

Anything not IE or IE-based is best on Windows.

The problem with IE is that it is an interface for Microsoft's rendering engine/platform, many programs might depend on its APIs even within the OS itself. ActiveX is used for plug-ins and within the OS itself, there are hundreds of ActiveX controls included in Windows and by 3rd-party developers not meant to be used in IE. If just one of those has a vulnerability, websites can exploit them just by having you visit it in IE. The line is just really blurred between the operating system and IE. Did anyone know "My Computer" is also a zone in Internet Explorer, just hidden from you?

As for setting it up correctly, you don't have to set up any other browser correctly to have an enjoyable surfing experience without the headache. They don't need granular controls. You can be safe and have functionality without being a frieken' computer genius.
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