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Convert VHS to DVD

I would like to copy my leagle paid for, commercial copy protected VHS tapes to DVD-R.
I have a DVR, but get the copy protected message. I fully understand, and respect, the protection laws and making illeagel copies, but this is not the case, i just want to protect my big library.Is there any inexpensive device I can to apply to the decision of this problem?

Monroeville, PA
I fiddled around for about a year with every "inexpensive" device I could. Most were absolute crap and a lot couldn't even capture anything over a tiny resolution.

Then I bought the ADVC 110 (~$200) and it can take anything from an analog source and capture it into any program via firewire because the processing is done in-device.

I was able to covert in real time and it was worth every penny to my ~400 home videos.

The ADVC 55 may also work. This was a couple of years ago, so something better may be out, but make SURE the processing is done in-device rather than the USB ones which make your computer handle it (and it will drop frames, audio desync, etc).

New York, NY
Interesting approach,….

Honestly though, I don’t think your suggested solution would work or work properly since the OP is really talking about defeating some sort of analog copy protection. I think your suggested solution isn’t designed to defeat copy protection / scrambling,...but I guess I could be wrong,...

I personally cant really speak to that end as I suspect open discussions of such things may be discouraged.

I will say this though:

I have two dedicated Media Center systems (living room and bedroom). Between the two I have a server that automatically receives recordings from the Media Center systems and serves up recording to them. Recordings are made with a number of QAM tuners plus a Hauppauge HD PVR USB unit and Hauppauge Colossus PCIe card. These are analog devices connected to my cable set top boxes respectively (and Media Center systems) and are capable of recording up to 1080i / 720p as well as standard definition. They can do this from even premium channels (HBO-HD, Showtime-HD and so on) and they seem to ignore DRM completely by design so all recordings in Media Center are unrestricted.

These devises are perfectly capable of copying a library of analog VHS tapes. Some people use them to offload recordings from a rented DVR. I have used them to copy old Sony Handy Cam home videos and store them on our local home server. I cant say how well it would do with old analog protected VHS tapes though.



Recording are made on the PC in a native AVCHD / H.264 format (options are “.ts“, “.m2ts” and so on). Any modern computer should be fine for making and playing these files.
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Re: Convert VHS to DVD

The software is not a problem any more to break protection except on only the latest I would think. There is plenty of software that will extract what you want without copyright, with a EULA that says you have to be copying your privately owned property. Otherwise your breaking the law.

Copying it is not illegal, copying it to create a lost sale by giving it away, well that is a whole different matter.
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Saint Paul, MN
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I've said it before, and I've said it again. You are better off replacing the tapes with DVD or Bluray.

Any VHS transfer to DVD only looks worse than the original VHS. When you throw copy protection into it, getting a good copy is more costly and time consuming. If you are wanting to transfer your purchased VHS tapes to DVD you are much better off purchasing another copy.
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Birmingham, AL
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I hope this post on AfterDawn Forums will help »forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/148283