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St Catharines, ON

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Re: [Niagara] 40gb of "usage" while the modem is unplu

said by dillyhammer:

I'm trying to understand how a CMTS polls a modem with a MAC address, and then polls a different modem with the same MAC address on a different node, then reconciles those 2 distinct usage reports to one user's bill.

This mirrors what I've been reading as a problem on other providers as well, hijacked mac's leading to erroneous billing.

However Cogeco has some fault here in my opinion, this internet offering is not meant to be transient, so maybe a preventative like locking the mac to a node can prevent this.

In this case there is usage from the POI closest to Secord Woods the HO address, then (as an example) Burloak POI strangely serves the same mac; wouldn't that be an open and closed case for Cogeco?

Why the run around for your end user to recoup past and present losses.

Which also leads to how the mac address is being obtained. It is known to "any" renter/owner of the decide, Cogeco, and the manufacturer. So if it is physically collected you need to investigate the chain of overage, the only other consideration is trash maybe Cogeco throws out all the OEM packaging with he mac's printed on the side.

Digital collection, someone hooks into a node and harvests valid mac addresses for later use.

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