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Reading, PA
reply to Craiger

Re: Will DirecTV Ever Switch To Ethernet?

There's a good handful of live channels available for streaming to the iPad.

I think it would be a nice feature if the HRxx set top box could use these live IP video feeds if there was bad rain fade. At least you could still watch those handful of channels they are streaming.

I'm just not sure the CPU can handle streaming in current DVR's because even with a fast connection, VOD doesn't just "play" when you click on it (Like Netflix or Cable VOD). It has to download first. So you download VOD, exit, go into the playlist and then can start playing when enough of it is downloaded. This tells me either 2 things...
1- The set top box cannot stream or is not optimized for streaming (yet).
2- DirecTV's VOD infrastructure is not fully on a CDN optimized for streaming (Like Netflix or Amazon Prime). Served from their own datacenter, downloads appeared capped about 4-5mbps, even if you have a 30mbps internet connection.

An internet based DirecTV package would be great for apartment dwellers with no feasible access to a southern sky for a dish... but then again those pesky caps ISP's are introducing really ruin that possibility. It's a shame because it would be a nice value service for those who want it but can't due to physical limitations. Unless in like 20 years they figure out a way to transmit the signal like SiriusXM where you can use a silver dollar sized antenna placed anywhere outside... some of these apartment dwellers and high rise tenants are stuck with Cable. Even then I think we'd see IPTV long before technology evolves to silver dollar sized antenna's. If not wired IPTV, maybe over LTE with switched digital video multicast.