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Catawissa, MO
reply to fifty nine

Re: More Democrat party propoganda from Karl

said by fifty nine:

The house has proposed and passed a lot of legislation, but Harry Reid pretty much just kills it off in the senate. THis includes budgets (all spending bills must orgininate in the house). Obama and the democrats don't want anything that doesn't raise taxes on high earners. Don't believe the media hype about the Rs being "obstructionist." The Rs are passing legislation, it is the Senate that is blocking. The Rs control one half of one third of the legislative process.

Just remember...you have one party that demands higher taxes of the rich and they won't budget till they get it. You have the other side which wants to take as much away from the poor as possible and won't budge until they get it.

I do however believe in the R's being obstructionist...that is why Congress has a 10% approval rating...the President on the other hand has 47%. Now we hear day in and day out how he's failed - and has admittedly done a less than stellar job. But since, as you noted, all spending originates with Congress...how is it possible Obama has been blamed for all the spending that has occurred? When one of the three executive branches has only 10% of America approving of the job they have done while the Senate and President have vastly better numbers... who do you really blame?

I blame the one that has spent all the money and continues to focus more on a uterus than jobs. I'm glad the Senate has been blocking because otherwise by now the wealthy would be paying no taxes at all, all social aid program would be gone and the defense budget would have quadrupled. Obama sucks...but the alternative is so much worse.