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Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX

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reply to cypherstream

Re: Will DirecTV Ever Switch To Ethernet?

said by cypherstream:

SWM/DECA is already working great. Plus theres more coax already run in homes vs. ethernet. Makes sense if its working good and it's already there, use it.

You can use the DECA adapters to bridge ethernet to coax and use existing wiring to network two computers in different parts of the house. You can take the output of a DECA adapter and run it into a small 5 port switch and get things like a gaming system, connected TV or Blue Ray Player, or a HTPC or connected A/V receiver all connected to the lan.

Be aware of the 16 deca max per segment.
From my reading it sounds that Deca uses a TDMA collision avoidance (which while nice and better than csma/cd which Ethernet normally uses) though not as good as a full on Ethernet switch.

also so far Deca is only 100Mbit not gig yet.