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Heave Steve, for the good of the country
reply to I_H8_Spam

Re: [Niagara] 40gb of "usage" while the modem is unplu

said by I_H8_Spam:

said by MaynardKrebs:

said by I_H8_Spam:

So I have some friends that are experiencing a problem with Cogeco's usage billing, and so far are getting a "well investigate" response from the company.

Get the press involved.

Try Ellen Roseman @ Toronto Star. She might be interested in a new story.

Going to be suggested, but I'm a third party to the case. My friends return tomorrow so there may be some new developments after they speak to Cogeco again.

Ellen would need some 'background' material that your friends may not be conversant with, ie. that there is NO standard for metering set by IC, CRTC or any branch of any government, that there are no provincial consumer protection laws for this either. Hard to fathom that not being the case when most Canadian households have an internet connection which can be subjected to this kind of 'hosing' by incumbents.

How do you spell "in bed with"???

Then there's the whole issue of falsely introduced RSET packets and or legitimate retransmissions which inflate traffic numbers, and all the other stuff we got into with the UBB discussions here and in CRTC filings.

You need to say to her that without proper scientific analysis and appropriate resulting legislation, current ISP "meters" are the equivalent of the butcher holding his hand on the scale while weighing your purchase - and THAT is NOT acceptable to Industry Canada for ANY other business which touches consumers in Canada.

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