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Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
reply to mettachain

Re: [Professions] high end weapon enchants

I'd reforge a lot of hit out, as 15 is the new 17.

Unless you wanta go after the rabbit, and want tons of extra hit to hit a +8lvl mob. Which IIRC its exponential so you'd need like 50% to hit the rabbit reliability.

BTW it seems (although I can't find the passive for it) that healers get an auto 15% hit.

My lvl69 holy priest with zero hit gear has exactly 15% hit, and I need to learn to heal on it, the last time I tried healing was the diremaul, and got disgusted with the tanks for ganking the group.

And now I have a bunch more healing spells and not yet sure what I should be using, I was going to que for a random Wrath dungeon but opted to wait till I know WTF I was doing for healing.