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[Network] Impossible to share tethered usb hotspot connection ov

Hi, I have a Huawei E5-0315 hotspot that is connected to the UMTS network. its supposed to support 8 hosts over wi-fi.

If I plug it via USB to my Mac Mini OSX Lion host, it appears as a virtual ethernet interface, and I have internet access, even with the mac mini's wifi switched off.

The same Mac is connected via its GbE NIC to a netgear switch. the switch connects 10 devices currently without a router in place. I have a few questions:

1) Can the Mac Mini act as a DHCP + DNS server and forward the requests to the USB hotspot?

2) Which IP should I use as "gateway + dns" in my other LAN devices so they can access the internet? the local IP of the virtual ethernet interface ( or the local IP of the GbE NIC of my Mac Mini? ( ?

3) Do I need to add a static route on the GbE NIC so that it can get to the internet via the interface of the USB connection?

4) Also, do I need to disable the DHCP server function of the E5-0315 device or does it only apply to wi-fi clients?

5) Would anything else be required to get the 3 PC's in the network (wired to the same switch with their IP set to "auto") to get to the internet via this USB device?

Thank you!

Bronx, NY

Re: [Network] Impossible to share tethered usb hotspot connectio

System Preferences - Sharing - Internet Sharing

Share from your USB stick's ethernet port to your actual Ethernet port. It does NAT and DHCP automatically, so you don't have to manually configure any of your other clients on the switch.
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