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Re: Just got a new firmware on my SBG6580!

I'd have to say this firmware is defective too. Let me explain:

My wifi connections used to work perfect with the occasional crash of the wifi stack on the modem. and over the weekend they became slow as sh*t where as my desktop wasn't. It literally takes minutes to make a connection in some cases, at the tcp level. The connect system call is where all the time is... once it's got a connection things flow decently, usually. LAN over wifi (my SB is the house's wifi AP) runs just the same as it used to - fast and no latency. A direct connection over cable also works fine (same laptop)... I can show the stark difference by just switching between the two. I'm only 4 feet from the modem. Reboots don't change it... dns lookups also run at decent speed... but "connection" speed is crap. I can barely load a page any faster in links than I can in firefox or chrome. I can browse faster over my remote desktop behind a VPN on the same compression light compression, wtf?)

I've rebooted the modem alot. Inspected the settings, they all look the same. Verfied the version I'm running is SBG6580- ... what more can I do besides set bridged mode and get a new WAP? Any RR/TWC engineers etc to comment?


Lenexa, KS
SBG6580- has been a horrible experience. I'm not sure when i got this version in KCMO area but for the last few days as soon as I attempt to download anything bigger than a standard webpage the SBG6580 reboots. Most of the time it just drops all the devices hooked up to it and about 30 seconds later i'm back online for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Is there a way to call in to a higher tier support?

When I called standard road runner support person signed me up for a house visit in 7 days. THe line is fine, before this firmware i was getting the 50/5 day and night.

I'm going to try bridging it and hope for a stable connection. I've already tried relocated, plugged it in directly to the main feed, no splitters..