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Dearborn, MI

SE Michigan is dead, and horribly.

Going on about two and a half hours now. I'm "borrowing" a neighbor's connection to post this, and will be disconnecting when I'm done.

Net going down this long (particularly in the middle of the morning) is a problem - takes our VOIP phone out, and at $110/mo - just for net/cable - I can't keep justifying this to the person paying for it; contracts or not.

Can we who are sitting around with black tv screens and dead interwebs get an estimate of how much longer this transition will take between Docsis 3 and digital TV; why the heck everything has been dropping since the digital transition with the tiny boxes, and some assurance that "Just be patient" is a valid counterargument to make?

Not all of us have cell phones - and this is a significant problem. What do I do, bang on doors in a medical emergency?

Starting to look at other, more established providers. I get there's a huge technological change across the board, but this is out of hand. Has been, in our area, for a while.

That said, I want complimentary darts to throw at the tv...and one free decent game to play while I wait around, and a pony.

I'm not throwing rocks, been there, but this is pretty significant degredation in service. Nevermind the TV going black for a good, long, while.

Wouldn't hurt if the on-demand services could update more than once every two months. It's pretty slim pickings.

That's all. Signing off - from neighbor's Comcast. (I feel so guilty...)


Must have been the middle of the night. Went to bed after 12, working, then got up at 5:30, still working. Looking at the date stamp, by memory, between 3-4 am. I live in the Wayne/Westland area and a service outing is extremely rare for us. I hope ours doesn't get that bad!


Dearborn, MI
Yeah, I'm not complaining on my behalf. On the other hand, if you're on Medicare and SSI or whatever, and trying to suss out a budget for the month - and the thing breaks over and over, to the point that you're trying to do it at 4 am?

Miiiiight be a bit problematic for your local pensioner.

So - my above questions stand, if only because I need some answers to continue our business, or she's going Comcast.

And, really - having our TV *and* Internet drop out, entirely, for hours on end...getting on my nerves a bit too.


Check the other threads, apparently, a lot of people had problems yesterday.


Dearborn, MI
reply to outsider0
"Can we who are sitting around with black tv screens and dead interwebs get an estimate of how much longer this transition will take between Docsis 3 and digital TV"

It was an original question. Meh to "Look at other threads" or "Our engineers are working on it" -

I'm not gonna keep defending WoW without some kind of explanations to pass along. Otherwise, whether I like it or not, it's off to Comcast.

Here's what I want, aside from the pony, balloons, and such:

Why did my TV go dead - over and over again?

Why am I glancing over at the damned "nice! new!" Arris gateway router thing, endlessly, to see if it's even connected.

It's a piece of crap for anyone but phone users. Yay.

Finally - what the hell? Think y'all can incite some churn in whatever Starz and Encore provide? Free movies in the "Movies" section?

I gotta scroll through 20 damn straight-to-VHS tapes, or go to Science Channel, (How It's Made - Engines, Toffee, and two extras...tires, and some other damn thing)

This isn't working too good.


Saint Clair Shores, MI
Must be a dearborn thing since all is well in the "shores"


Dearborn, MI
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People like WOW_Dan...I'd like some kind of explanation to pass along to the person paying the bills.

Internet - when it is working - is laggy, problematic, and hitting "refresh" repeatedly has gotta be causing you some overhead.



Dearborn, MI
DNS is shot to hell. Half the problem is "Looking up...." How about decent servers to bounce web addresses off of?

Redford, MI
I've yet to see an issue in Redford. Must be on at the right times, and maybe a better location than Dearborn if many are having a bad experience.

Back when I used WOW in Canton, MI it was always great for me too. SE MI is likely overstated, or I've had too much fun with all my recorded content to try and connect with the PC.

Jim, VoIP 12/2002, VOIPo 2/2007
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Trenton, MI
reply to outsider0
Ever since I started overriding my network hardware with Google DNS my internet connection has been much more stable and slightly faster locating web sites.

Naperville, IL
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If you can send me your account number or phone number in a private message, I can take a look at your account. There was one large outage in Michigan on Monday, but it only lasted just under an hour. This sounds to me like a problem that's going to be more local to you? Have you tried calling customer service and having them send a technician out to your location to investigate?


Columbus, OH
·WOW Internet and..
reply to NuclearXP
said by NuclearXP:

Ever since I started overriding my network hardware with Google DNS my internet connection has been much more stable and slightly faster locating web sites.

I, too, spent some time over the summer doing that because WOW's DNS servers would just--GO AWAY.

And that was when WOW's entire broadband wasn't down for me. But all too frequently, the whole shooting match went away.

I put up with it for a few weeks, calling support and getting nothing, then finally came here and found Dan. He *immediately* had the problem identified: a problem outside my house. He must have put the right ticket in to the right people because overnight it was fixed, and I haven't had any problems since.

The way I keep hearing this same story, I think that this whole cable/broadband infrastructure is a lot more fragile than we'd like to think. I have to wonder if the competition has similar struggles.


reply to WOW_Dan
Is there another outage in SE Michigan at the moment? I'm posting on behalf of a friend who hasn't been able to connect all day. He's in Berkeley. It's been out at least 12 hours now.


Working fine here in Hazel Park


reply to a_friend
Working fine in Clinton Twp.


Canton, MI
reply to outsider0
I'm not sure if the issue is related. But I've been having a connection that goes in and out today. The wife reported that cable TV also went out the last time.

Calling has the known issue in your area message.