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Premium,ex-mod 01-13
reply to footballdude

Re: [NFL] Week 2 Games Discussion

said by footballdude:


You don't usually see the fans complain about the officiating after their team wins, but that's exactly what I'm doing. That game was an embarassment to the league. The Fox announcers were beside themselves all game trying to keep from being too negative. Pereira could barely bring himself to speak on how bad it was. I'm not a union guy by any stretch, but locking out the pro refs was a bad, bad move by the NFL. Those guys don't make all that much and aren't asking for that big of a raise. Pay them and restore order.

I agree. That was the worst officiating I've ever seen. Every play verged on a riot breaking out on the field. The officiating didn't decide the out come, though, so congrats to you for the Rams win. The Skins need to fire their defensive coordinator and special teams coach. They needed to do it last year, they need to do it now, and they won't. The theory is that both of them have pictures of Shanahan naked with goats.
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